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This lecture covers Nutrients, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins and minerals, Roughage and water


  1. Recalls the different types of food 
  2. Recognizes the different nutrients present in food and their functions 
  3. Understands the importance of a balanced diet. 
  4. Practices proper food habits. 
  5. Appreciates the need of cleaning, cooking and preserving food. 
  6. Nutrients. A balanced diet.

Related Activities

  1. Draw four different types of food you eat every day in the boxes. 
  2. Select food from the food pyramid and write your menu for a Sunday. 
  3. Visit a market with your parents. 
  4. Tell them what food items to choose and why. 
  5. Note down for a week what you eat in your meals. 
  6. Write the nutrients present in it and whether your diet was a balanced diet.

Video Lecture By "Hira Model School Sohan Islamabad Official"


Lecture 1 Our Food Evaluation

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  • Make sure you have learned this lecture along with its topics and tutorials.
  • On first evaluation you get 100% marks on correct answer, then on 2nd you get 95% marks and so on.
  • Answer the questions with a gap NOT MORE THAN A MINUTE, Otherwise it will re-start.

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