Fill in Blanks Questions for Comments, Links, and Images

  • 1 The _____alt attribute provides an alternate text for an image for <img> tag. View Answer

  • 2 The _____src attribute specifies the URL (web address) of the image for <img> tag. View Answer

  • 3 The _____href attribute of <a> tag specifies the destination address (a URL) of the link. View Answer

  • 4 In HTML links are defined with the <_____a> tag. View Answer

  • 5 _____Conditional_ type of comments defines some HTML tags to be executed by Internet Explorer only. View Answer

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    Hidden Questions!

    Some fill in blanks questions are not visible. Usually teachers hides their visibility if they are few in number. Subject Expert recommends them to have more than 70+ questions against the topic and make them public.

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