Fill in Blanks Questions for HTML5 Dragging and Dropping

  • 1 When a draggable < div > element is dropped, its _____ondragEnd event occurs, and we'll have to tie that event to some JavaScript function like end(). View Answer

  • 2 The _____setDragImage() function of dataTransfer object in HTML5 lets you specify the image of the item being dragged. View Answer

  • 3 _____ondragend event occurs in draggable elements when users stop dragging them. View Answer

  • 4 _____Dragover events occur in a drop target while users drag a draggable element over that target. View Answer

  • 5 Element attributes starts with _____on are used to connect JavaScript functions to various events. View Answer

  • 6 Drag and drop is supported by a number of attributes added to HTML5 elements, For example the _____draggable attribute when set to true make the element draggable. View Answer

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