Fill in Blanks Questions for Inception Phase and Requirements in UP

  • 1 Requirements are the capabilities and _____conditions to which the system must confirm View Answer

  • 2 In Types and Categorization Requirements FURPS F are _____Functional and URPS are _____Non-Functional . View Answer

  • 3 Analysis of non-functional requirements is carried out in _____Inception phase. View Answer

  • 4 Requirements of response time, throughput, accuracy, availability and resource usage covered in _____Performance category of FURPS+. View Answer

  • 5 The _____usability type of requirements focus on human factors, help manuals and documentation of the system. View Answer

  • 6 According to a survey by Thomas, _____25% requirements change during project life cycle before deployment. View Answer

  • 7 According to RUP requirements management is a systematic approach to finding, _____documenting, _____organizing and tracking the changing requirements of a system. View Answer

  • 8 _____Requirements are the capabilities and conditions to which the system must confirm. View Answer

  • 9 _____Inception phase of UP, establish common vision and basic scope of the project. View Answer

  • 10 According to a survey by Thomas, _____82 % projects failure reasons were by the use for waterfall SDLC model View Answer

  • 11 Inception phase should include planning for _____iteration-1 only View Answer

  • 12 The inception phase document _____Glossary contains key domain terminologies and data dictionary. View Answer

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