Fill in Blanks Questions for Interaction Diagrams

  • 1 Interaction diagram’s has two tyeps, the first type is _____sequence diagrams which are more notationally rich while the second type _____communication diagrams are good for wall sketching View Answer

  • 2 In communication diagrams, the starting message is called a _____found message with an opening solid ball that implies the sender will not be specified View Answer

  • 3 In _____communication diagrams it is more difficult to see sequence of messages than sequence diagrams. View Answer

  • 4 _____Sequence diagram is type of interaction diagram that consumes horizontal space. View Answer

  • 5 A _____link is a connection path between two objects; it indicates some form of navigation and visibility between the objects View Answer

  • 6 _____Region frame in Sequence diagram shows a critical region within which only one thread can run View Answer

  • 7 _____Communication diagrams have space economical flexibility to add new objects in two dimensions during object modeling View Answer

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