Fill in Blanks Questions for Introduction to Software Engineering

  • 1 In software engineering both _____Product and _____Process are important for software quality. View Answer

  • 2 The application of systematic, disciplined, _____quantifiable_ approach to development, operation, and maintenance of software; that is application of engineering to software View Answer

  • 3 Software Engineering is about designing and developing _____high quality software View Answer

  • 4 The _____manufacturing view of software quality is conformance to specification. View Answer

  • 5 Agile process promote _____sustainable development View Answer

  • 6 The most critical ability in Object Oriented development is to _____assigning resposibilites to software objects. View Answer

  • 7 _____Design emphasizes on a conceptual solution that fulfill the requirements rather than its implementation. View Answer

  • 8 _____Analysis emphasizes on the investigation of the problem and requirements rather than solution. View Answer

  • 9 The cost of _____software often dominates the costs of system. View Answer

  • 10 In Unified prcess, the system grows incrementally over time, iteration by iteration, and thus this approach is also known as _____iterative and incremental development View Answer

  • 11 Software engineering is concerned with _____cost effective software development View Answer

  • 12 The _____value-based view of software quality is related to the amount the customer is willing to pay. View Answer

  • 13 If a software is providing cent percent conformance to specification then it is the _____manufacturing view of software quality. View Answer

  • 14 _____Software Engineering is the discipline of developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably and efficiently, and are affordable to develop and maintain View Answer

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