Fill in Blanks Questions for OOAD and Visual Modeling

  • 1 _____Encapsulation and Information Hidinglimits the effect of change. View Answer

  • 2 _____Information Hiding Provides the same benefits as Encapsulation. View Answer

  • 3 _____Unified Process involves early programming and testing of a partial system, in repeating cycles. View Answer

  • 4 _____Object Oriented Design Emphasize on defining domain objects and how they collaborate to fulfills the requirements. View Answer

  • 5 _____Object Oriented Analysis_ Emphasize on finding and describing the objects or concepts in the problem domain. View Answer

  • 6 _____Inheritance is the mechanism to create new objects (child objects) based on old ones (parent object). New objects inherit the qualities of its old object View Answer

  • 7 _____Information Hiding is the ability to hide murky details of an object from the outside world View Answer

  • 8 _____UML is a visual language for specifying and documenting the artifacts of the system. View Answer

  • 9 Software development cost is _____less than its maintenance cost View Answer

  • 10 In _____waterfall life-cycle process there is an attempt to define (in detail) all or most of the requirements before programming. View Answer

  • 11 The _____unified process has emerged as a popular iterative software development process for building object-oriented View Answer

  • 12 In Iterative, development is organized into a series of short, fixed-length (for example, three-week) mini-projects called _____Iterations View Answer

  • 13 The system grows incrementally over time, iteration by iteration, and thus this approach is also known as _____iterative and incremental development View Answer

  • 14 OOA is about _____Finding objects and OOD is about _____Defining Objects. View Answer

  • 15 The process of taking the information from the model and displaying it graphically using some sort of standard set of graphical elements is called _____Visual Modeling. View Answer

  • 16 Having many forms or implementation of a particular functionality is _____polymorphism in object oriented programming. View Answer

  • 17 _____Analysis emphasizes on the investigation of the problem and requirements rather than solution. View Answer

  • 18 Industry known visual modeling standards for notations are Unified Modeling Language, Booch and _____Object Modeling Technology View Answer

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