Fill in Blanks Questions for Operation Contracts

  • 1 Objectives of the _____operation contract are defining system operations and creating contracts for system operations. View Answer

  • 2 Most operation contracts are written during _____elaboration phase of the unified process. View Answer

  • 3 The UP encourages avoiding creating an _____artifact unless it addresses a risk or solves a real problem. View Answer

  • 4 _____Operation Contracts serves as input to the object design. View Answer

  • 5 In iterative and evolutionary methods, all analysis and design artifacts are considered _____partial and imperfect, and evolve in response to new discoveries. View Answer

  • 6 _____OCL defines an official format for specifying pre- and postconditions for operations View Answer

  • 7 _____Object Constraint Language (OCL) can be used to express constraints of UML operations. View Answer

  • 8 UML _____method is the implementation of an operation. It specifies the algorithm or procedure associated with an operation. View Answer

  • 9 UML _____operation is a specification of a transformation or query that an object may be called to execute. View Answer

  • 10 Write operation contracts in a declarative, passive _____past tense form. View Answer

  • 11 The entire set of system operations, across all use cases, defines the public _____system interface, viewing the system as a single component or class. View Answer

  • 12 The important assumptions which should be told to the reader are mentioned under _____pre-condition section of operation contract. View Answer

  • 13 The most important section of operation contract is _____Post Conditions. View Answer

  • 14 The brief name of the system operation is describe by the _____Contract ID section of operation contract. View Answer

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