Fill in Blanks Questions for Code Tuning

  • 1 _____Caching means saving a few values in such a way that you can retrieve the most commonly used values more easily than the less commonly used values. View Answer

  • 2 _____Switching refers to making a decision inside a loop every time it’s executed. View Answer

  • 3 One key to writing effective loops is to minimize the work done _____inside a loop. View Answer

  • 4 _____Reducing strength means replacing an expensive operation such as multiplication with a cheaper operation such as addition. View Answer

  • 5 Much of the work in a program is done inside mathematical or _____logical_ expressions. View Answer

  • 6 Optimizing compilers are better at optimizing straightforward code than they are at optimizing _____tricky code View Answer

  • 7 _____Multiple iterations are usually needed to achieve desired performance improvements through code tuning. View Answer

  • 8 The best way to prepare for performance work during initial coding is to write _____clean code that’s easy to understand and modify. View Answer

  • 9 One of the sources of performance problems is _____error in the code. View Answer

  • 10 The most significant sources of inefficiency of a program are unnecessary _____input/output. View Answer

  • 11 The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that you can get 80 percent of the result within _____20 percent of the effort. View Answer

  • 12 Code _____tuning is the practice of modifying the correct code in ways that make it run more efficiently. View Answer

  • 13 If you choose the right compiler, you might not need to think about optimizing _____speed any further View Answer

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