Fill in Blanks Questions for Debugging in Construction

  • 1 Before you _____fix a problem, make sure you understand it to the core. View Answer

  • 2 _____Brute forcing requires little thought and is the least mentally taxing of all the methods. View Answer

  • 3 The most common and least effective method of program debugging is by _____brute force View Answer

  • 4 One of the tip to find defect is to use all the data available to make your _____hypothesis View Answer

  • 5 Stabilizing the error includes narrowing the _____test case to the simplest one that still produces the error. View Answer

  • 6 Debugging takes _____50 percent of the total development time. View Answer

  • 7 _____Testing is the process of detecting the error initially. View Answer

  • 8 _____Debugging is the process of identifying the root cause of an error and correcting it. View Answer

  • 9 Debugging approach is used to locate the errors in the code, but _____two_ times hard as writing the code. View Answer

  • 10 Debugging is _____twice__ as hard as writing the code. View Answer

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