Fill in Blanks Questions for Integration

  • 1 A final approach that often addresses the problems associated with top-down and bottom-up integration is called _____T-shaped integration_. View Answer

  • 2 Risk-oriented integration is also called _____hard part first__ integration. View Answer

  • 3 The problems with pure top-down and pure bottom-up integration have led some experts to recommend a _____sandwich approach_ integration. View Answer

  • 4 In _____bottom up_ integration, you write and integrate the classes at the bottom of the hierarchy first. View Answer

  • 5 In _____top down_ integration, the class at the top of the hierarchy is written and integrated first. View Answer

  • 6 On _____large projects, it might consist of weeks or months of hooking sets of programs together. View Answer

  • 7 2. On _____small projects, integration might consist of a morning spent hooking a handful of classes together. View Answer

  • 8 The term _____integration refers to the software-development activity in which you combine separate software components into a single system. View Answer

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