Fill in Blanks Questions for Web Applications and Web Browser Architecture

  • 1 A _____Web server is a piece of software that supports various Web protocols like HTTP, and HTTPS, etc., to process client requests. View Answer

  • 2 In _____Peer to Peer architecture there is a direct communication between two devices in a system without using a server. View Answer

  • 3 _____Client initiate communication sessions with the web servers which await incoming requests. View Answer

  • 4 The _____client–server model of computing is a distributed application structure, that partitions tasks between the providers of a resource or service, called servers, and service requesters, called clients. View Answer

  • 5 The _____architecture of a software system consists of its structures, the decomposition into components, and their interfaces and relationships. View Answer

  • 6 _____P2P communicate over a point-to-point connection. View Answer

  • 7 _____Patterns__ describe recurring design problems, which arise in a specific design context, and propose solutions. View Answer

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