Multiple Choice Questions for Normalization

  • 1 Which type of dependency is removed in 2nd normal form to make the relation(s) full functional dependent:
    1. Full functional dependency
    2. Partial dependency
    3. Transitive dependency
    4. None of above

  • 2 One goal to eliminate various anomalies in relational database is to:
    1. Reduce attributes
    2. Reduce tables
    3. Increase data
    4. Reduce storage space

  • 3 _____________ is the most efficient method to reduce the duplication of data.
    1. Deletion
    2. Normalization
    3. Alter
    4. none of the above

  • 4 For some relations, updating the data can have undesirable consequences called
    1. Referential integrity
    2. Insertion anamoly
    3. Deletion anamoly
    4. Modification anamoly

  • 5 A table is in 1NF but not in 2NF if in the table:
    1. There are no repeating groups
    2. There are repeating groups
    3. There are repeating groups but no transitive dependency
    4. None

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