Multiple Choice Questions for Requirements to Design

  • 1 _____ iterations will spend relatively more time on analysis activities.
    1. Early
    2. Later
    3. Both a & b
    4. None

  • 2 Which of the following helps in stabilizing 80% of the requirements in early iteration of elaboration phase?
    1. result of feedback
    2. early programming
    3. early testing
    4. All of Above

  • 3 Which of the following clarify the purpose of the design work for every iteration:
    1. discovery of changing specifications
    2. discovery of specifications
    3. Specifications
    4. Coding Guidelines

  • 4 In iterative development which of the following provokes changes in early iteration?
    1. Early programming
    2. Embrace Change
    3. Feedback
    4. None of above

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