Multiple Choice Questions for System Sequence Diagram (SSD)

  • 1 In the process sale use case, when cashier scan the items which is the best possible name for this event?
    1. scan(ItemId)
    2. enterItem(itemId)
    3. recordItem(ItemId)
    4. None

  • 2 A description of what a system does, without explaining how it does it is:
    1. System Design
    2. System State
    3. System Behavior
    4. None

  • 3 Which of the following cannot generate system events?
    1. Actors
    2. Timer Events
    3. Faults and Exceptions
    4. Supporting Actors

  • 4 Which of the following is not a System Sequence diagrams objective?
    1. System events identification
    2. Illustrate input and output events
    3. Create SSDs for Use Cases
    4. Create SSDs for Use Case scenarios

  • 5 Which diagram emphasis the events that cross the system boundary from actors to system?
    1. Domain Model
    2. Use Case Diagram
    3. Operation Contract
    4. System Sequence Diagram

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