Multiple Choice Questions for Designing Concepts and Design Model

  • 1 Which type of classes, define all abstractions that are necessary for human computer interaction (HCI).
    1. Business domain classes
    2. User interface classes
    3. Process classes
    4. System classes

  • 2 What makes the development more easily planned and software increments can be easily defined and delivered.
    1. Refactoring
    2. Modularization
    3. Information Hiding
    4. None

  • 3 Component-Level design defines _____ that allows access to all component operations (behaviours).
    1. data structures
    2. interface
    3. algorithms
    4. UML activity diagram

  • 4 _____ design elements are equivalent to the floor plan of a house, which depicts the overall layout of the rooms; their size, shape, and relationship to one another.
    1. Data
    2. Architectural
    3. Interface
    4. Component-Level

  • 5 The ________________ represents the level of detail as each element of the analysis model is transformed into a design equivalent and then refined iteratively.
    1. abstraction dimension
    2. process dimension
    3. architectural style

  • 6 _______ is an indication of the relative interdependence among modules.
    1. Refactoring
    2. Functional independence
    3. Coupling
    4. Cohesion

  • 7 _____ provides the greatest benefits when modifications are required during later stages of testing and software maintenance.
    1. Refactoring
    2. Functional independence
    3. Information Hiding
    4. Designing

  • 8 A ________ is a named representation which conveys the essence of a proven solution to a recurring problem within a certain context.
    1. Refactoring
    2. Cohesion
    3. Pattern
    4. Modularity

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