Short Questions for Interaction Diagrams

  • 1 In sequence diagrams what are the common frame operators? Briefly describe the meaning of each frame operator.


    Frame OperatorMeaning
    altAlternative fragment for mutual exclusion conditional logic expressed in the guards.
    loopLoop fragment while guard is true. Can also write loop(n) to indicate looping n times. There is discussion that the specification will be enhanced to define a FOR loop, such as loop(i, 1, 10)
    optOptional fragment that executes if guard is true.
    parParallel fragments that execute in parallel.
    regionCritical region within which only one thread can run.

  • 2 Draw communication diagram for SaveUser message in the following code:

    public class MainController {

    Validator v=new Validator();

    public ActionResults SaveUser(objUser){

    ActionResults ar = v.isValidUser(objUser);

    if(ar.IsSuccessful){ DAL.SaveUser(objUser); } return ar;




    Image will be uploaded soon.

  • 3 Discuss the strength and weaknesses of sequence and communication diagrams?


    Sequence Diagrams


    • Clearly shows sequence or time ordering of messages
    • Large set of detailed notation options

    • Forced to extend to the right when adding new objects
    • Consumes horizontal space
    Communication Diagrams:


    • Space economical flexibility to add new objects in two dimensions


    • More difficult to see sequence of messages
    • Fewer notation options

  • 4 Describe interaction diagrams and there types?


    Interaction diagrams shows how objects interact via messages. They are used for dynamic object modeling. There are two common types:

    • Sequence diagrams
    • Communication interaction
    Both types can express similar interactions.Sequence diagrams are the more notationally rich of the two types. but communication diagrams are good for wall sketching.

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