Short Questions for Introduction to Web Engineering

  • 1 List three workflow oriented websites.



  • 2 Name web applications categories based on their functionality?


    Web applications are categorized as:

    • Informational
    • Interactive
    • Transactional
    • Workflow oriented
    • Collaborative work environments
    • Online communities,marketplaces

  • 3 Name some technologies which came into existence due to the evolution in web engineering.


    Many new Web technologies and standards have emerged

    • XML,
    • Web services,
    • the Semantic Web,
    • Web personalisation techniques,
    • Web mining,
    • Web intelligence, and
    • mobile and context aware services.

  • 4 Provide some disciplines which were emerged by the evolution in web engineering.


    Brought some of the following disciplines:

    1. Media
    2. information science
    3. information and communication technology
    4. using a variety of devices such as desktop and notebook computers, pocket PCs, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and mobile phones

  • 5 What is web engineering? Briefly describe its major aim.


    Web engineering is a discipline that uses scientific, engineering, management principles and systematic approaches to successfully develop, deploy, and maintain high-quality Web systems and applications.

    Its aims is to bring Web-based system development under control, minimize risks and improve quality, maintainability, and scalability of Web applications

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