Short Questions for Web Applications and Web Browser Architecture

  • 1 Describe the "Virtual Shared Memory" and "Message Oriented Middleware" web applications architectural categories?


    Distributed Object Middleware (DOM) 
    This type of infrastructure allows to access remote objects transparently. It is based on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism e.g., CORBA, Microsoft’s DCOM, or EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) by Sun Microsystems. 

    Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)
    MOM systems offer functionalities for asynchronous transmission of messages. MOM ensures that messages are delivered nevertheless. Examples of MOM systems include Sun’s JMS (Java Messaging Service) and Microsoft’s MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue).

  • 2 List all major browser components?


    • User interface and presentation
    • Request generation
    • Networking support
    • Response processing
    • Content rendering
    • Caching support
    • State maintenance
    • Authentication, and
    • Configuration.

  • 3 What are main Categorizing Architectures?


    The Following are main Categorizing Architectures:

    • Distributed Object Middleware (DOM)
    • Virtual Shared Memory (VSM)
    • Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)
    • Peer to Peer (P2P)
    • Service Oriented Middleware (SOM)

  • 4 How Architecture can be looked at from different viewpoints?


    We normally distinguish between four different views:

    • The Conceptual view
    • The runtime view
    • The Process view, which maps processes at system runtime, while looking at aspects like synchronization and concurrency.
    • The Implementation view, which describes the system’s software artifacts, e.g., subsystems, components, or source code.

  • 5 What are important properties of software architectures?


    The most important properties of software architectures are:
    • Architecture describes structure.
    • Architecture forms the transition from analysis to implementation.
    • Architecture can be looked at from different viewpoints:
    1. Conceptual View
    2. Runtime View
    3. Process View
    4. Implementation View
    • Architecture makes a system understandable.
    • Architecture represents the framework for a flexible system.

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