True/False Questions for Data Manipulation Language (DML)

  • 1 We can update values for one or more columns only within a single table in one SQL statement. True View Answer

  • 2 It is NOT possible to include more than one attributes in the ORDER BY clause. False View Answer

  • 3 In SQL the rule for conditional expressions evaluation is that they are evaluated from left to right. True View Answer

  • 4 According to DreamHome database schema, the query "SELECT city, COUNT(propertyNo) from PropertyForRent Group By city;" is NOT valid, because results are not filtered by the city column. False View Answer

  • 5 We CANNOT use WHERE clause with Group By in SQL Query. True View Answer

  • 6 We can rename the column name in results, but cannot re-name a column or table name using Alias. True View Answer

  • 7 We will be sure to insert unique value by using the keyword 'DISTINCT' in INSERT query. False View Answer

  • 8 If there is an ORDER BY clause in a sub query, then the result table will be sorted. False View Answer

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