True/False Questions for Introduction to Databases

  • 1 In file base system, there is no provision for concurrency, security and recovery of data. True View Answer

  • 2 DML stands for Data meanning language. False View Answer

  • 3 Database systems give a set of tools for storing, searching and managing this information True View Answer

  • 4 Data mining is search for trends in large amounts of data True View Answer

  • 5 In a database, data is stored in spreadsheets which have rows and columns. False View Answer

  • 6 The purpose of a database is to help people keep track of things True View Answer

  • 7 Application developers write the client software that allows end users to interface with the DBMS . True View Answer

  • 8 The purpose of database is to help people stop using spreadsheets. False View Answer

  • 9 DML permits specification of data types, structures and any data constraints. False View Answer

  • 10 Today, database system vendors like Oracle are among the largest software companies in the world True View Answer

  • 11 Conventional file-processing environments do not allow needed data to be retrieved in a convenient and efficient manner. True View Answer

  • 12 File based systems support concurrency, security and recovery. False View Answer

  • 13 In file based systems there is no easy way to generate complex queries. True View Answer

  • 14 File based systems cannot follow standards for saving data. True View Answer

  • 15 Data duplication is a problem in file based systems. True View Answer

  • 16 Database comprises entities, attributes, and relationships of an organization's information True View Answer

  • 17 Metadata describing context that includes source of data, where data are stored ownership and usage True View Answer

  • 18 Data that describe the properties or characteristics of end-user data, and the context of that data is called information. False View Answer

  • 19 Data that have been processed in such a way that the knowledge of the person who uses the data is increased is called metadata. False View Answer

  • 20 In database systems the disk storage refers to the amount of disk space required to store the database files. True View Answer

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