True/False Questions for Introduction to HTML

  • 1 The link's destination is specified in the href attribute. True View Answer

  • 2 The visible part of the HTML page is between <head> and </head> tags. False View Answer

  • 3 The declaration of the DOCTYPE tag in HTML page is case sensitive. False View Answer

  • 4 Multiple tags of DOCTYPE are allowed in a single HTML page at the top of the page. False View Answer

  • 5 Browser do not display HTML Elements, However they use them to find out how to display the document True View Answer

  • 6 The purpose of a web browsers is to read HTML documents and display them. True View Answer

  • 7 Browsers directly displays HTML tags instead of using them to render the content of the page. False View Answer

  • 8 HTML describes the structure of the Web pages using a markup language of tags. True View Answer

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