True/False Questions for New HTML5 Elements

  • 1 The < hgroup > element is used to group a set of h1–h6 elements when the heading has multiple levels, such as subheadings, alternative titles, or taglines. True View Answer

  • 2 The < figcaption > element of HTML5 contains a figure caption for a < figure > element. True View Answer

  • 3 The < details > element is a clickable element that opens to display more details when the user requests them. True View Answer

  • 4 The < command > element can be a button, check box, or radio button. True View Answer

  • 5 The HTML element < hidden > has been dropped from HTML5. True View Answer

  • 6 The HTML element < s > has been added in HTML5. False View Answer

  • 7 The HTML element < strike > has been dropped from HTML5. True View Answer

  • 8 Amaya is a test browser from W3C. True View Answer

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