True/False Questions for UML State Diagrams

  • 1 A state does not allows nesting to contain substates in UML state diagram. False View Answer

  • 2 Communication protocols for example TCP, UDP can be easily and clearly understood with a state machine diagram. True View Answer

  • 3 State machine are applied to model the behavior of a complex reactive object in response to events. True View Answer

  • 4 Process control, device control, protocol handlers, and telecommunication domains often have many state-dependent objects. True View Answer

  • 5 In business information systems there are few complex state-dependent classes. Hence it is seldom helpful to apply state machine modeling. True View Answer

  • 6 A state-dependent objects react differently to events depending on their state or mode. True View Answer

  • 7 A state-independent object always responds the same way to an event. True View Answer

  • 8 A state machine diagram describes the life cycle of an object either simple or complex levels of detail, depending on our needs. True View Answer

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