True/False Questions for Code Tuning

  • 1 In programming integer addition and multiplication tend to be faster than floating point. True View Answer

  • 2 One of the most powerful tools in code tuning is to decompose code into good routines. True View Answer

  • 3 The Pareto Principle is also known as the 80/20 rule. True View Answer

  • 4 If you choose the right compiler, you might not need to think about optimizing speed any further. True View Answer

  • 5 Optimizing compilers are better at optimizing tricky code than they are at optimizing straightforward code False View Answer

  • 6 Coding tuning is the practice of modifying the correct code in ways that make it run more efficiently. True View Answer

  • 7 Multiple iterations are usually needed to achieve desired performance improvements through code tuning. False View Answer

  • 8 A program with higher performance is just as important as a correct program. False View Answer

  • 9 Reducing the lines of code in a high-level language improves the speed or size of the resulting machine code. False View Answer

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    Some True/False questions are not visible. Usually teachers hides their visibility if they are few in number. Subject Expert recommends them to have more than 70+ questions against the topic and make them public.

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