Orientation and Introduction to Subject, Introduction to computer,...
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Orientation and Introduction to Subject, Introduction to computer, Evolution of Computer, Difference between Software and Hardware, Common Hardware Types
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Multiple Choice Questions for Introduction

  • 1 In a flowchart _____ symbol is used to combine different flow lines.
    1. Circle
    2. diamond
    3. rectangle
    4. parallelogram

  • 2 The process of converting source code into object code is known as
    1. Compiling
    2. Executing
    3. Linking
    4. Saving

  • 3 ASCII and EBCDIC are the popular character coding systems. What does ASCII stand for?
    1. American Stable Code for International Interchange
    2. American Standard Case for Institutional Interchange
    3. American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    4. American Standard Code for Interchange Information

  • 4 The lower deck of an abacus is known as:
    1. heaven
    2. sky
    3. earth
    4. floor

  • 5 Who built the first Mechanical Calculator:
    1. Joseph Marie Jacquard
    2. John Mauchly
    3. Blaise Pascal
    4. Howard Aiken

  • 6 Which of the following does not affect the resolution of a video display image?
    1. Bandwidth
    2. Raster scan rage
    3. Vertical and horizontal lines of resolution
    4. Screen size

  • 7 The processing speed of first generation computers was:
    1. milliseconds
    2. microseconds
    3. nanoseconds
    4. picoseconds

  • 8 Which was the computer conceived by Babbage?
    1. Arithmetic Machine
    2. Analytical Engine
    3. Donald Kunth
    4. All of above

  • 9 The type of plotter in which the paper is held stationary and paper is held by underneath suction is classified as:
    1. drum plotter
    2. flat bed plotter
    3. desk jet plotter
    4. ink jet plotter

  • 10 The situation in which the printers are differentiated on the basis of characters, lines and pages to be printed is called:
    1. sequence to print data
    2. impact printer
    3. non impact printer
    4. font of characters

  • 11 The type of printer in which characters or letters are formed without any mechanical impact is called:
    1. page printers
    2. line printers
    3. impact printer
    4. non impact printer

  • 12 The printer in which output is printed by using light beam and particles of ink infused on paper is best classified as:
    1. character printer
    2. line printers
    3. laser printer
    4. beam printer

  • 13 A teletypewriter terminal is an example of:
    1. input devices
    2. output devices
    3. input/output devices
    4. storage devices

  • 14 The table used to show the possible combination of inputs for an output is said to be:
    1. logic table
    2. gate table
    3. system circuit table
    4. truth table

  • 15 The operation carried out by a NOT gate is also said to be:
    1. inverting
    2. converting
    3. reverting
    4. reversing

  • 16 The keyboards can be used for:
    1. on-line data entry
    2. key to disc data entry
    3. off-line preparation
    4. all of above

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