Introduction to Data Structures

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    • Overview of Data Structures 
    • Overview of Algorithms 
    • Introduction to Java Programming
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Multiple Choice Questions for Introduction to Data Structures

  • 1 If you want to see whether two objects contain the same data in Java, you must use the _____ method of the
    1. equals()
    2. idential()
    3. similar()
    4. same()

  • 2 In C++ almost every programmer at one time or another forgets to delete memory blocks, causing _____?
    1. memory leaks
    2. garbage collection
    3. efficient working of system
    4. reliable system

  • 3 ______________ is the the amount of resources that the solution consumes.
    1. Efficiency of algorithm
    2. Cost of algorithm
    3. both 1 and 2
    4. None of the above

  • 4 Algorithms manipulate the data in these structures in various ways, such as
    1. Insert a new data item.
    2. Search for a specified item.
    3. Delete a specified item.
    4. All of the above

  • 5 A _______________ is an arrangement of data in a computer?s memory (or sometimes on a disk).
    1. data structure
    2. data
    3. information
    4. None of the above

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