Logical Database Design

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Steps of Logical Database Design Methodology
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Multiple Choice Questions for Logical Database Design

  • 1 The output of the logical data model consist of
    1. ER Diagram
    2. Relational Schema
    3. Data Dictionary
    4. All of Above

  • 2 If A and B are two relations, and A has many records in B as well as B has many records in A, then which one of the following mechanisms, is used to complete its logical design model?
    1. Add primary key of A in B as foreign key
    2. Add a new relation C, and place primary of B relation in C as foreign key
    3. Add the primary key of B in A, and add primary key of A in B as foreign keys
    4. Add new C, and place primary key of B in C, and place primary key of A in C as foreign keys

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