Form Controls of HTML5

Default Control, Url Control, Email Control, Range and...
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Default Control, Url Control, Email Control, Range and Number Control, Date and Time Control, Color Control, Search Control
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Multiple Choice Questions for Form Controls of HTML5

  • 1 For number control which attribute lets you set the value increment?
    1. increment
    2. step
    3. default is 1
    4. Not possible

  • 2 For number and range input controls which attributes lets you set the allowed range of value?
    1. min
    2. max
    3. Both a & b
    4. None

  • 3 Which of the following attributes not apply to input control with type="number"?
    1. increment
    2. min
    3. max
    4. value

  • 4 HTML has support for most of the form control using the <______> element.
    1. input
    2. radio
    3. control
    4. html

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