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Drag and Drop API Styling the Draggable Drag Operation Handling Drop Events
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Multiple Choice Questions for HTML5 Dragging and Dropping

  • 1 Which of the following in HTML5 offers support for drag-and-drop operations?
    1. dataTransfer Object
    2. draggable event
    3. The draggable element
    4. None

  • 2 Which event occurs in draggable elements when users start dragging them?
    1. ondrop
    2. ondragstart
    3. ondragend
    4. ondropend

  • 3 Which events occur in a drop target when the user drags a draggable element over that target.
    1. dragenter
    2. draggable
    3. dragstart
    4. dragdrop

  • 4 When you drop a dragged item, which of the following attribute handles this?
    1. ondragdrop
    2. ondragend
    3. ondrop
    4. ondraggable

  • 5 Which of the following is true for drag and drop operation support in HTML5?
    1. Implemented with the help of Javascript
    2. No need for Javascript
    3. CSS support both drag and drop
    4. Only HTML alone is sufficient

  • 6 In HTML5 for drag and drop Which of the following attributes are used for elements?
    1. draggable
    2. ondragenter
    3. ondragover
    4. ondrop
    5. ondragstart
    6. ondragend
    7. All
    8. None

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