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Messaging API of HTML5 Cross-Window Messaging Cross-Domain Messaging
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Multiple Choice Questions for Messaging in HTML5

  • 1 In postMessage() event which of the following attribute contains a reference to the originating document?s window?
    1. origin
    2. source
    3. data
    4. ports

  • 2 The ability to send a text messages from page A to page B and make use of this message in page B. That?s
    1. cross-domain messaging
    2. cross-page messaging
    3. cross-window messaging
    4. None

  • 3 Which event occurs when a message is received in cross-window or cross-domain messaging of HTML5.
    1. onMessage
    2. postMessage
    3. recieveMessage
    4. getMessage

  • 4 The function postMessage is implemented in which object of the browser?
    1. document
    2. window
    3. page
    4. None

  • 5 The core function in HTML5 to send message is ______, in which you also specify the target.
    1. postMessage()
    2. sendMessage()
    3. getMessage()
    4. None

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