Introduction to Software Engineering

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  • Introduction
    • Do we need Engineering?
    • What is Software...
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      • Course Objectives
      • Course Theme
      • Text Books
      • Introduction
        • Do we need Engineering?
        • What is Software Engineering?
        • Computer Science and Software Engineering
        • Why Software Engineering?
        • What is Quality Software?
        • How to Determine Software Quality?
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Multiple Choice Questions for Introduction to Software Engineering

  • 1 A critical ability in OO development is to skillfully assign responsibilities to
    1. Software Objects.
    2. Software Developers
    3. Object Oriented Analysts
    4. Object Oriented Designers

  • 2 Which software quality view is related to the amount a customer is willing to pay?
    1. Product view
    2. Value-based view
    3. Manufacturing view
    4. Transcendental view

  • 3 Which of the following is a challenge in developing a commercial software:
    1. Developing a high cost product
    2. Develop a product to serves a single purpose
    3. Reducing development and maintenance cost
    4. Un-scalable development

  • 4 Which author wrote the first paper on object oriented design (OOD) with title "Object-Oriented Design"?
    1. Grady Booch
    2. Craig Larman
    3. Steve Mellor
    4. Peter Coad

  • 5 Which of the following view best describe the software quality as that you can recognize the quality but cannot define it?
    1. The transcendental view
    2. The user view
    3. The manufacturing view
    4. The product view

  • 6 Which of the following is/are challenge(s) in commercial software development?
    1. Customized product development in short time
    2. Reduce development and maintenance cost
    3. Developing reusable components
    4. Scalable and distributable systems development
    5. All of the above

  • 7 Which of the following discipline concerned with the development of software systems by applying engineering principles with the goal of developing cost-effective quality software systems
    1. Computer Engineering
    2. Software Engineering
    3. Computer Science
    4. None

  • 8 Which of the following dominate the system cost (cost on hardwares)?
    1. Development
    2. Software
    3. Management
    4. Hardware integration

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