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Multiple Choice Questions for Layout and Styles Guidelines

  • 1 To make program easier to understand and read, programmers can
    1. Add comments to it
    2. Declare variable names closer to where they are used
    3. Use secure data
    4. Both A and B

  • 2 Comments are used to make program easily understandable, these are also known as
    1. Marked variables
    2. Narrative
    3. Unmarked strings
    4. Unmarked variable

  • 3 Which of the following is a common approach for laying out data declarations?
    1. Use only one data declaration per line
    2. Use multiple data declaration per line
    3. Order declarations alphabetically.

  • 4 Which of the following is not a laying out technique?
    1. Indentation
    2. Blank lines
    3. Using short variables names
    4. Grouping

  • 5 In programming, comments are used to:
    1. Explain used variables
    2. Explain module functions
    3. Highlight program modules
    4. All of above

  • 6 Which of the following is not an objective of good layout?
    1. Accurately represent the logical structure of the code.
    2. Decrease code complexity.
    3. Withstand modifications.
    4. Improve readability of program.

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